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We believe that data and programmatic thinking are essential skills that should be accessible to everyone. By equipping employees with the ability to create solutions independently, organizations can foster a culture of innovation.

Our custom courses are tailored to your company's specific needs, ensuring that the skills acquired are immediately applicable to drive business results.
Process Automation
We leverage technology to streamline and optimize error-prone, time-consuming business processes through automation. Our solutions increase efficiency, reduce errors and costs, and free up valuable time and resources for strategic initiatives.
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Web & App Development
We design and develop custom web and app solutions tailored to your unique business requirements, integrating the right marketing technology and analytics to drive growth.
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Data Engineering & Analytics
Our team equips your organization with the capability to automate the extraction of data from various sources, providing effortless and timely access to valuable insights and analytics. This allows for more efficient data-driven decision making and increased productivity.
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Understands his audience's needs very well and pitches his lessons at a suitable level

I highly recommend the Data Analysis and Visualization with Python course taught by Brandon Ong. The course is suitable for both complete novices and people who have some prior coding experience. 

Brandon understands his audience's needs very well and pitches his lessons at a suitable level, avoiding complex jargon and concepts where possible. He also motivates concepts and techniques he teaches with interesting anecdotes.

Kenneth Kwok

Principal Research Scientist, A*STAR
Refreshingly different from other courses

Brandon is really dedicated, passionate, patient. he managed to package the training in a super interactive, concise and fun manner. Its easy to retain knowledge by seeing the application of Python. This is refreshingly different from other courses

Peck Hwang Wong

Marketing Manager, Amazon
Plenty of real-life experiences in-built into his teaching

Brandon is very knowledgeable and passionate about this topic, with plenty of real-life experiences in-built into his teaching. Instead of going chapter by chapter, we learn to apply the basic but important knowledge and go straight to playing with the software and visualization.

Ding Hui Fang

Senior Executive (Procurement), Prime Minister’s Office
Very relevant to our use cases

Brandon was very clear in articulating his words and constantly reminding us that we can stop him at any point for him to repeat a process. The activities that were taught to us are very relevant to the use cases in SCDF. 

Kimi Soh

Development Officer, Singapore Civil Defence Force
Attendees were kept engaged during the highly interactive, well designed course

Brandon has received consistent positive feedback from the course attendees on his clear content delivery and patience in guiding the participants through scenarios which are relevant and applicable to real world challenges faced by organisations. The attendees were kept engaged during the highly interactive, well designed course and are encouraged to continue their learning of the subject matter beyond the workshop.

Doreen Ang

Trainer, Nanyang Technological University
Project focused learning rather than a lecture

Brandon provides good project focused learning rather than the typical classroom style lecture. Examples given are very practical and real world

Yip Churn Keit

AOO, Singapore Police Force