Automate Excel with Python for Beginners

❌ Long, chapter-by-chapter course tedious to understand
✅ Big picture understanding of Python and Pandas by teaching selected chapters in a 2 day course

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27 - 28 Jun 2024
9am - 5pm
HRP Course Title: Automate Excel with Python for Beginners
HRP Course Type Code: SZC-PY21
Course Fees: $1200 nett per person

Python is one of the fastest-growing programme language and is favoured by data analysts globally.

Baseline skill for digital transformation
Python is a baseline skill for many industries like analytics, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and data science.

With the knowledge in Python and programming, employees will have a better understanding on how to kickstart digital initiatives in your organisation.
Easy to learn with more people adopting it in their daily work
Thanks to its intuitive, readable syntax, it’s one of the easiest languages to learn on the market. This makes Python very relatable to students of various proficiencies.
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Our Training methodology

Big-Picture Learning

Traditional technology courses are usually taught chapter by chapter. Students often get bored and lost in a very lengthy learning process. This lengthy learning process discourages most students through their learning journey.

By teaching only relevant chapters to achieve a big-picture understanding, we keep students engaged throughout our course.

We hope to educate and inspire individuals just enough to get started, experiment and break things.

A generic Python course
Introduction To Python
  • Python Basics
    - Chapter 1: ...
    - Chapter 2: ...
  • Loops, If
    ‍- Chapter 1: ...
    - Chapter 2: ...
  • Functions
    ‍- Chapter 1: ...
    - Chapter 2: ...
  • NumPy
    - Chapter 1: ...
    - Chapter 2: ...
Big-picture learning with selected chapters
Automate Excel with Python
  • Python Basics
  • How to think of Lists and Dictionary like a table
  • Pandas
  • Practice session with various spreadsheet scenarios


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