Translate English Chinese Better With AI

In this one day course, go home with practical English-Chinese translation strategies and tips on how to use AI tools to apply immediately to work.

Upcoming courses
5 Jul 2024
9am - 5pm
HRP Code: SZC-EC01
Course Fees: $600 nett per person
What we will learn

AI Translation Tools


AI is capable of creating nuanced and accurate language translations like never before

We need the occassional English Chinese translation in their work
While not everyone requires Eng-Chi translation daily, we might need the occasional translation when dealing with Chinese clients or counterparties
Achieve accurate and nuanced translation in an efficient manner
This can be done with efficiency and precision, be it in emails, conversations, or documents, ensuring clear and effective cross-lingual communication in their professional environments


Companies, institutions and government agencies trust us with their training and implementation needs