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❌ Generic copy-paste course taught to the masses
✅ Customised course immediately applicable to your requirements

Empower your organization to unlock the full potential of automation with UIPath. Our custom course is tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring that your team is fully equipped to automate unproductive manual processes, increasing efficiency and freeing up valuable time and resources. With our approach, you can immediately apply the skills learned to drive business results.
Companies, institutions and government agencies trust us with their training and implementation needs

UIPath is the market leader for robotic process automation and is favoured by companies globally.

Everybody can be a programmer
With its drag and drop interface, UIPath enables anyone to be able to create automated processes easily. Business users can create their own automation without the need for dedicated developer.

Automate Microsoft applications
Automate long-running processes across different Microsoft applications like editing Excel sheets, sending Outlook emails and editing Word documents.
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Featured Case Study

Singapore Civil Defence Force

Streamlining Inventory Management with UIPath
After relying on vendors to build their automations, Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) realized the need for in-house expertise to maintain and improve the workflow.

SCDF engaged us to develop a 2-day custom course to enable their team to independently edit and build automated inventory workflows using UIPath.

Our course was structured for beginners to understand the basics of UIPath and was specifically tailored to the SCDF's inventory use case. This approach ensured that participants were fully engaged and able to immediately apply the knowledge gained to their specific needs. The team was able to successfully build and maintain the automated inventory workflow, improving efficiency and productivity.
Very relevant to our use cases

Brandon was very clear in articulating his words and constantly reminding us that we can stop him at any point for him to repeat a process. The activities that were taught to us are very relevant to the use cases in SCDF. 

Kimi Soh

Development Officer, Singapore Civil Defence Force

Customising and teaching just enough content to achieve your required end-product

Traditional RPA courses are usually taught chapter by chapter. Students often get bored and lost in a very lengthy learning process.

Chapter-based learning is irrelevant in today's age of information. By teaching only relevant concepts to achieve your required end-product, we keep students engaged throughout our course.

We hope to educate and inspire individuals just enough to get started, experiment and break things.

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An example generic UIPath course
Introduction To UIPath
  • Basics
    - Chapter 1: ...
    - Chapter 2: ...
  • Loops, If
    ‍- Chapter 1: ...
    - Chapter 2: ...
  • Datatables
    ‍- Chapter 1: ...
    - Chapter 2: ...
  • E
    ‍- Chapter 1: ...
    - Chapter 2: ...
Our customised courses
Develop an automated inventory management process in 2 days
  • Basics
  • Excel Activities
  • UI Automation to pull out data from SAP
  • Hands-on activities based on actual use case of company