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❌ Generic copy-paste course taught to the masses
✅ Customised course immediately applicable to your requirements

Empower your organization to leverage the power of Python for data-driven analysis and insights. Our training approach utilizes a beginner-friendly language that is easily learned and immediately applied to drive business results. Our custom course is tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring that your team is fully equipped to utilize the power of Python to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.
Companies, institutions and government agencies trust us with their training and implementation needs

Python is one of the fastest-growing programme language and is favoured by data analysts globally.

Baseline skill for digital transformation
Python is a baseline skill for many industries like analytics, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and data science.

With the knowledge in Python and programming, employees will have a better understanding on how to kickstart digital initiatives in your organisation.
Easy to learn with more people adopting it in their daily work
Thanks to its intuitive, readable syntax, it’s one of the easiest languages to learn on the market. This makes Python very relatable to students of various proficiencies.
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Featured Case Study

Nanyang Technological University

Enpowering The Future Workforce: 1 day accelerated introduction to Python and Data Analytics
In partnership with the career office at Nanyang Technological University, we developed an accelerated one-day curriculum to introduce the concepts of programming and data analytics to students with no prior experience.

Recognisng the importance of digital and data skills in today's job market, this curriculum aimed to equip the future workforce with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a data-driven world.

Through hands-on exercises and real-world examples, students were able to gain a solid foundation in Python and data analytics, and the ability to apply these skills in their future careers.
Attendees were kept engaged during the highly interactive, well designed course

Brandon has received consistent positive feedback from the course attendees on his clear content delivery and patience in guiding the participants through scenarios which are relevant and applicable to real world challenges faced by organisations. The attendees were kept engaged during the highly interactive, well designed course and are encouraged to continue their learning of the subject matter beyond the workshop.

Doreen Ang

Trainer, Nanyang Technological University

Customising and teaching just enough content to achieve your required end-product

Traditional technology courses are usually taught chapter by chapter. Students often get bored and lost in a very lengthy learning process.

Chapter-based learning is irrelevant in today's age of information. By teaching only relevant concepts to achieve your required end-product, we keep students engaged throughout our course.

We hope to educate and inspire individuals just enough to get started, experiment and break things.

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An example generic Python course
Introduction To Python
  • Python Basics
    - Chapter 1: ...
    - Chapter 2: ...
  • Loops, If
    ‍- Chapter 1: ...
    - Chapter 2: ...
  • Functions
    ‍- Chapter 1: ...
    - Chapter 2: ...
  • NumPy
    - Chapter 1: ...
    - Chapter 2: ...
Our customised courses
Analyse resale HDB flat prices in 2 days
  • Python Basics
  • How to think of Lists and Dictionary like a table
  • Pandas and plotly
  • Data visualisation hackathon (colleagues will present insights)